7th Street Festival

After the huge success and massive participation of 2012, the 7th festival came in to turn things up at O.S.E Scatting Park . The 7th Street festival was held on the 27, 28 and 29 of July in 2013, with a visit number that reached more that 7.000 people and over 100 international and domestic artistic participations.

For the city of Kalamata is an International revolutionary and unique event, with many parallel activities such as Skates, Dirt bikes, Graffiti, Jugglers shows, Circus shows, photography and Painting exhibition, Video Projector, bazaar, basket, Tournament, Alley Race etc.

Daze of Youth, Mors et Amor, Fetameriganoi, Intruder & friends, KLMT Union and French Kazdall blow our minds away with their music renewing our appointment for success in 2014