Kalamata Street Festival

The Kalamata Street Festival started on October of 2009 at Fragolimnas square, having two goals:

  • The first one was the use and promotion of urban open spaces with activities that foster social cohesion and give added value to the cultural development for the city, whilst
  • The second was the development of the creativity of the participants as well as to offer them spaces, where they canexpress freely, utilising their skills and interests.

Street Arts were and are always the free expression of artists through painting, theatre, music, dance etc in spaces, where everyone has access and chooses to participate or observe, without the mediation of any transaction.

The Kalamata Street Festival:

  • wishes to bring out the city's public spaces, so that then the citizens will undertake their creative use,
  • tries to provide the forum to artists who often feel excluded, because their art is not "acceptable" (or even prosecuted),
  • aspires to promote the city of Kalamata, as a vibrant, diverse, multicultural and inclusive city, making it more attractive, for citizens as well as for visitors,
  • tries to promote creative, free expression as a mean to combat many social problems (racism, discrimination, prejudices etc)

Having as its base the voluntary action and its purely non-commercial nature, with visitors and artists from Greece and Europe, it comes to carry you away with Graffiti, Skates, Dirt Bikes, Juggling, Street Theatre, Dance, Concerts, Street arts, Photography and Painting exhibitions, Video art, Handmade jewelry exhibitions, Face painting, Reuse materials Workshops, Gift Bazaar, Bike events and much much more!!!

For more information and to contact us for the festival, you can use our contact form.

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