Kalamata is connected with the cities of Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina ,Patras, Sparti as also with the towns of Meligalas, Kardamili, Pylos, Koroni, Methoni, Chora, Kyparissia, Filiatra, Gargalianoi etc and with the other villages of the prefecture of Messinia, through often busses whom are scheduled and performed by “Yperastiko KTEL Messinias S.A”

For more information contact the KTEL of Messinia SA tel: 2721028581 or throuthe site www.ktelmessinias.gr

For information on how to reach the venue from Kalamata, click here: http://streetfestival.gr/index.php/en/plirofories-ar-2/how-to-come 

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